Battlestar Galactica Italian Club

2009 - 2014

I converted the site from an ASP CMS to one based on WordPress and phpBB, designing and developing a custom theme.
I helped the club organize the website content, especially the Galacticon section with custom templates. The header art with all ships is the thing I like best.

Michael Weatherly Fans / Weatherly Only

2003 - 2012

Site designed and developed by me first with static HTML/CSS and then with the script CuteNews, up to WordPress and Coppermine in 2006. I was helped by collaborators for content management during these years. It was also fun working with CBS Online Magazine, CineTVBuzz, and meeting Michael at the Telefilm Festival in Milan.

Michael Weatherly Fans: 2008 - 2012

Weatherly Only: 2003 - 2007

Galacticon Four





2004 - 2008

F.C. Versilia Femminile 2008


Sample Layout


Dark Angel Italia

2003 - 2009

Dark Angel Italia has been the most intense, stressful experience I ever had online. That allowed me to learn to watch TV series with new eyes, analyzing the various episodes, storylines, searching online for news and trivia. Without forgetting fan art and writing articles.

Martina Hingis Italian Club

2000 - 2003

My first ever online project at the beginning of the century! I had the opportunity to exchange chatter and results with other fans discovering fandom communities. When Yahoo! decided to convert all clubs into newsletters, everyone's participation included mine decreased until Martina retired.

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